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Established in 1995, Cost Reduction Services specialises in reducing the prices paid for electricity & gas utility bills.

In a fast changing business world, even the best managed companies can find it difficult to obtain the lowest prices for all their utility invoices.

Our commercial energy broker and consultancy service is designed to help save businesses time and money by searching the commercial gas and electricity energy market place to obtain the most competitive business energy prices from the best UK commercial energy suppliers.

Most firms seek keen prices, but often pay more than they should, because they are not fully aware of recent market changes, new technology and new sources of supply.

Our extensive knowledge of suppliers and access to bulk discounts, enables clients to make substantial cost savings with no reduction in quality.

Even firms with a professional purchasing manager can benefit from our service. The savings we make improve your cashflow, profitability and save you time!

Where the savings are made:

We are totally committed to obtaining the maximum possible savings. You may even find that as a result of our intervention you will receive substantial rebates of monies already paid out.

Our fee structure is tailored to meet our clients individual requirements.

How it works

Our procedure is:

The Audit - after CRS have agreed which cost centres to investigate, we examine relevant invoices over the past 12 months. CRS will spend as little time as possible at the client's premises, so there is minimum disruption.

The Analysis - from the audit, CRS establishes the patterns of historical purchasing and prices paid. These provide a detailed knowledge of the client's requirements, enabling CRS to match the client's needs with a range of suitable suppliers from CRS's extensive database and to obtain firm quotations.

The Cost Reduction Report - CRS prepares a detailed report for each cost centre, identifying recommended savings that can be made without any loss of quality or service.

The Action - CRS helps the client to implement the cost savings and in addition, CRS remains in regular contact for the length of the agreement to ensure that the client continues to receive the best available prices.

Cost Reduction Services also offer a range of additional energy broker and consultancy services to support our customer's commercial energy needs. We pride ourselves in the fact we have helped many small and large businesses manage and reduce their gas and electricity costs year on year.

Cost Reduction Services is a completely independent professional firm and acts solely on behalf of our clients. Our independence ensures that our clients receive the best advice.

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